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To date the Catholic Church has approved over 150 Eucharistic miracles and many Marian apparitions from all over the world. To help make these known, the Mary Our Mother Foundation is creating a growing library of images. You are invited to download the images and share them with your church, family and friends.
Computer Versions – 16×9, wide format
– Church monitors
– Parish bulletins
– Email
– Facebook

Phone Versions – sized smaller for a phone screen, small print, or small ad on a bulletin
– Texting on iPhones and Android
– Email
– Facebook
– Instagram and Facebook Stories
By sharing these “Treasures of the Catholic Church,” images you will help Our Lord in making His Real Presence known and bring comfort that our Blessed Mother is with us and interceding on behalf of all God’s children.
Remember to check back periodically as we will continue to add new images.

Phone Images

Computer & Church Monitor Images