MOM Display StandBecome an Ambassador for MOM

The Mary Our Mother Foundation is seeking people who wish to help build up the Kingdom of God in leading souls to Christ. We do this by making our CDs available to people who are searching for paths to holiness. Please join us in making our CDs available in your church, school and other suitable places. With your “yes” you will help Our Lord to reach many more souls!

“Ambassador for MOM” Benefits

  • Obtain CDs at a low discounted price
  • Make them available for a nominal suggested donation amount: Single CD: $3.00 — Double CD: $5.00
  • You keep all donation proceeds received
  • Choose the CD titles you wish to make available
  • Large selection of titles

Three-Tier Display Stand

  • Holds up to 30 CDs
  • Acrylic Dividers for CD Titles
  • Built-in Key Lock Donation Box

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