My Son Carlo


Written by Bl. Carlo’s mother, Antonia, it gives an intimate insight into his saintly life of virtue and holiness. It is thanks to Carlo’s love of the Eucharist that we have the Vatican display of Eucharistic miracles today.


Written by his mother, Antonia Acutis, this book on the life of Carlo Acutis through her eyes. Learn all about his life from his childhood to his passing to eternal life at the young age of 15. Antonia shares his extraordinary life through all the memories she carries in her heart. His life was one that impacted those around him drawing them to the great love he had for Our Lord in the Eucharist. Because of Carlo following God’s call in his life we are blessed to have the Vatican Eucharistic miracles display today. Learn all about this incredible young boy who is soon to be St. Carlo Acutis.

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